You Can Have a Quicker Recovery After Surgery With Pre-Hab!

You Can Have a Quicker Recovery After Surgery With Pre-Hab!


Do you require surgical intervention? Do you work in a physically demanding job or participate in a physically demanding sport? Is it true that your muscles and joints are weaker than they once were? If you recognize yourself in any of these instances, preventative rehabilitation, sometimes known as “pre-hab,” may be beneficial.

Participating in pre-hab therapies has several advantages. It can help the body heal faster and avoid injuries, all while speeding up recovery time. Pre-hab can be divided into two categories: Pre-hab for injury prevention and pre-hab for surgical recovery are two different types of pre-hab.

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Recovery doesn’t have to take months of your time…

Many people are afraid of the long recovery times that come with surgical operations. This is particularly true for people who have had total joint replacements. When faced with the prospect of spending time in a rehabilitation facility, many people put off joint replacement surgery because they are afraid of the long and arduous recovery ahead.

Pre-hab, fortunately, can considerably shorten recovery time. Did you know that participating in preventative rehabilitation can lower your chances of needing inpatient rehab by 73%? You will fulfill your physical milestones much faster after surgery if you are stronger before surgery, reducing your recovery period by days or even weeks.

For example, patients who undergo total knee replacement surgery are typically expected to walk 500-1,000 feet 24 hours after their procedure. This may sound like a difficult task; however, those who participate in pre-hab before their surgery are much more likely to meet this demand than those who do not.

Did you know you can prevent injuries with pre-hab as well?

Pre-hab is a great resource for those prone to injuries, or for those at risk of developing injuries. To figure out where your problem areas are, you will complete a thorough evaluation with your physical therapist to determine what your treatment plan will consist of. These typically include a combination of exercises, stretches, and pain-relieving techniques that target areas where injuries are likely to occur.

Military personnel, for example, are more likely to suffer foot, knee, hip, and back problems as a result of the rigors of training and combat. Many of these injuries can be avoided with pre-hab, which teaches good posture, core strengthening exercises, and lifting techniques to keep service members strong and healthy. Firefighters, manufacturing workers, and other personnel in physically demanding jobs are in the same boat.

Both pro and amateur athletes can also benefit from pre-hab treatments. Their treatment will focus on targeting poor technique and doing conditioning exercises to correct it. Their physical therapists will also focus more on the areas of their body that are repeatedly stressed and overused by their sport, determining their likelihood of injury and creating a plan to reverse that likelihood.

Through strength and balance training, physical therapy treatments typically aim to increase mobility and pain alleviation. Pre-hab can help you enhance your physical talents while lowering your chance of injury in your activity or employment.

Patients receive the stretches, strengthening exercises, and pain-relieving treatments they need for a quick and pain-free recovery during pre-hab.

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