Work Hardening

Work hardening is a treatment program that is similar to work conditioning but focuses more on strengthening certain body parts and reaching your optimum physical performance for the duties of your job. Work hardening comes after work conditioning, as it works by enhancing a body part that has already been conditioned. If you have been injured at work, a work hardening program is typically the last part of your treatment program that you will complete before returning to work. The main focus of work hardening is to get you into peak physical shape for performing your job, so you can return with a much lower risk of sustaining an additional injury. If you are recovering from a work injury and you are interested in learning more about our work-hardening programs, contact Grasmere Physical Therapy today.

What does work hardening do?

When you participate in a work hardening program, you will be asked to simulate primary job functions within the clinic while being supervised by one of our Staten Island, NY physical therapists. For example, if you sustained a back injury from lifting heavy objects, you may be asked to lift weights while using proper form and technique (which would have been taught to you during your earlier conditioning with your physical therapist). You will also be asked to do certain exercises to strengthen the legs and core, in order to make sure that you are in the best shape possible for returning to work with the lowest possible risk of injury.

Work hardening may be done in a group setting or independently with a physical therapist. In a group setting, you will work on your own specific tasks that are required for returning to work. Work-hardening treatment programs are an ideal way for you to return to work without fear or the likelihood of sustaining another work-related injury.


How will work hardening benefit me?

Work hardening is an individualized intervention program, meaning that your physical therapist will design your tasks around your specific requirements for returning to work. This will be dependent upon the nature of your condition, your medical history, the physical demands of your job, and your level of recovery. These programs are highly structured and goal-oriented, focusing on the exercises and activities necessary for preparing your body to return to work. You will likely have smaller goals to accomplish along the way before making it to the finish line and returning back to the daily duties of your career.

Work-hardening programs are typically multidisciplinary, focusing on multiple different aspects of improving physical function. This generally includes a focus on balance, posture, flexibility, strength, mobility, and overall function. They are designed to address and improve the workplace environment as a whole, such as productivity, physical tolerances, worker behavior, and (most importantly) safety. With our work-hardening programs at Grasmere Physical Therapy, you will be able to return to work with confidence that you can perform your work efficiently, free from pain or injury.

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Work is hard enough without the fear of sustaining another injury. Our highly-trained physical therapists and advanced methods of treatment will help you get in the best shape possible for performing the physical demands of your job. If you’ve recently sustained an injury and you are hesitant about returning to work, contact our Staten Island, NY physical therapy office today to set up a consultation. Our physical therapists will discuss the best course of action for preparing you to return to work with confidence and without pain. Don’t let another injury slow you down – decrease the probability with work hardening!

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