Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries


Have you been in a car accident and sustained injuries?

Physical therapy in Staten Island, NY can help you heal!

Have you been in a car accident before? Are you still experiencing aches and pains from the accident? Our physical therapists at Grasmere Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY have a track record of success in helping people recover from motor vehicle accident injuries. We can help you get to the bottom of your issue and get back to living pain-free!

A visit to our Staten Island, NY physical therapy clinic today could mean the difference between complete recovery and continued pain! Click here to schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can assist you in healing and avoiding the long-term consequences of your accident.

Injuries common in motor vehicle accidents

Did you know that not all symptoms of a car accident appear right away? Some symptoms appear later that day or the next day, while others do not appear for several days. Symptoms are also known to last for months or even years.

The violent nature of an accident can result in severe head, neck, and back injuries, as well as injuries to multiple regions of the body at the same time. There are also instances where the accident appeared minor, but the damage was significant and long-lasting, as with head trauma and whiplash.

Head trauma is a serious condition that should be evaluated by a doctor, no matter how minor it appears at first. Concussions and even skull fractures can result in life-threatening or long-term issues.

Whiplash is a painful condition caused by sudden neck and head movements, resulting in simultaneous injury to multiple joints and soft tissues. Whiplash can prevent normal neck movement.

Typical car accident injuries treated by a physical therapist include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Muscles strains
  • Joint damage (i..e, cartilage, ligaments, and nerves)
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Whiplash

If you were recently involved in a car accident, seeing one of our Staten Island, NY physical therapists can help you find relief and get back to feeling your best!

Request an appointment as soon as possible with Grasmere Physical Therapy!

What can Grasmere Physical Therapy do to help me recover from my car accident injury?

Physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat car accident injuries. To ensure your results, our physical therapists employ the most effective, scientifically supported treatments.

Physical therapy shortens recovery times and aids in the prevention of long-term conditions.

Some of the most effective physical therapy treatments are as follows:

  • Targeted manual therapy (i.e., myofascial release, trigger point release)
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • Postural corrections
  • Range of motion exercises and specific stretches
  • Modalities for pain relief (i.e., e-stim, TENS, laser therapy)
  • Progressive strengthening exercises
  • Nerve mobilization exercises

Call Grasmere Physical Therapy today if you want to recover quickly from a car accident injury. Ignoring your pain or attempting to push through it may cause more harm than good. Make an appointment with one of our specialists as soon as possible so that you can heal and resume your life.

What are the benefits of physical therapy following motor vehicle accident injuries?

Physical therapy can assist those who have been injured in a car accident in a variety of ways.

Pain alleviation

Physical therapy is one of the most effective treatments for pain caused by a car accident. Our treatments are intended to promote healing while also increasing mobility and function. Our therapists will recommend exercises and stretches that you can do on your own to help you find pain relief.

Increase mobility and function

The most common issue that people face after a car accident is a loss of mobility and function. Our physical therapists can help you recover from any musculoskeletal injury, whether it affects your joints, muscles, or nerves.

We offer evidence-based programs that have been shown to effectively relieve pain, restore joint range of motion, and improve strength, allowing you to resume your normal activities.

To ensure results, we will employ modalities as deemed appropriate, as well as targeted manual therapy techniques!

Resolve concussion-related symptoms such as vertigo and dizziness

Concussions can have serious consequences and necessitate the services of a highly trained physical therapist. Our therapists in Staten Island, NY can even treat common concussion symptoms such as vertigo and dizziness.

To identify any impairments or dysfunction, our therapist will thoroughly examine your entire musculoskeletal, nervous, and vestibular systems. Our treatment plan will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Avoid expensive operations

Following a car accident, Grasmere Physical Therapy provides safe and highly effective treatments. Our therapists can assist you in putting your body in the best possible condition for healing in order to avoid surgery!

If surgery is required, our physical therapists can guide you through post-operative rehabilitation to ensure the best possible outcome and avoid long-term dysfunction.

With Grasmere Physical Therapy, you can recover from motor vehicle accident injuries

We have assisted many patients in recovering from motor vehicle accident injuries and are confident that we can assist you as well! Our physical therapists will develop a personalized treatment plan to address your pain and other impairments, allowing you to achieve much-needed pain relief.

If you were in a car accident and are looking for solutions to your problems, make an appointment with Grasmere Physical Therapy right away. One of our Staten Island, NY physical therapists is eager to help you recover.

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