Chronic Pain

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Are you in need of chronic pain relief? Chronic pain is defined as lasting longer than three months (12 weeks). In most cases, people return to normalcy after an injury or operation, and their pain subsides. However, for some people, the pain lasts longer, often for no apparent reason.

People suffering from chronic pain may find it difficult to complete daily tasks, and for others, the mental toll makes life feel more difficult. Grasmere Physical Therapy is here to help you get to the bottom of your chronic pain and find the relief you need to get back to living your life to the fullest!

Grasmere Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY can provide you with the tools and treatment you need to recover and feel your best. Request an appointment with our physical therapy clinic today!

What are common causes of chronic pain?

Chronic pain is pain that lasts three months or longer. Although it is not always easy to predict who will experience chronic pain, some conditions are more common than others. Among the most common conditions are:

  • Cancer
  • Pain after surgery
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Headaches

There are also common situations that can lead to chronic pain, which can help physical therapists get to the bottom of the issue and provide effective solutions. Here are a few examples:

Car accidents involving multiple injuries:

A car accident can cause a variety of injuries that necessitate medical attention. Whiplash is a common multifactorial injury sustained in a car accident.

The soft tissue of the neck joints can be traumatized when your head and neck are forcefully jerked forward and back (or side to side) by the sudden impact of a car accident. These injuries can affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and disc tissue throughout the spine. Furthermore, research has shown that sustaining a concussion with any whiplash injury is extremely common.

Victims of car accidents may experience widespread chronic pain in the weeks following the accident. It can be difficult to piece together all of the potential injuries, and it is often necessary to seek the assistance of a physical therapist to avoid and/or resolve all of the injuries you sustained from a single event.

Work injuries

Any workplace accident or injury can result in chronic pain. According to research, the longer employees are out of work, the less likely they are to return. The psychological toll of dealing with the injury, the impact on your financial well-being, the employer’s expectations, and dealing with insurance companies can all make things feel overwhelming.

Our physical therapist at Grasmere Physical Therapy treats you as a whole person. We understand the stress you’re under and how important it is for your health and well-being to regain physical function.

Sedentary lifestyle and bad habits

Improper nutrition, particularly processed foods and foods high in sugar, increases the likelihood of systemic inflammation and has been linked to increased pain levels and longer-lasting pain.

Sedentary lifestyles lead to limitations and medical conditions associated with chronic pain. You are more likely to experience chronic pain if you smoke and drink alcohol.

Prolonged postures and repetitive activities with poor body mechanics can also lead to chronic inflammation and pain because you are more likely to injure your joints and muscles.

When a part of your body is injured or painful, the muscles and joints around the injury site will naturally support and take over responsibility for a specific activity. Because your muscles or joints are not functioning properly, these compensatory patterns can put strain on other parts of your body.

These compensations are valuable in the short term for staying active. When they last for an extended period of time, you are more likely to develop painful patterns that can lead to chronic pain.

Chronic disease

Chronic pain can be caused by a variety of diseases, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, shingles, and diabetic neuropathy. The precise mechanisms are difficult to understand or identify, but they most likely involve neurological dysfunction.


Find relief from chronic pain at Grasmere Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you avoid future injuries by teaching you to recognize the movements and positions/postures that are causing your chronic pain. Our primary goal is to treat the underlying causes of your pain and assist you in resuming normal function.

The Grasmere Physical Therapy team is up to date on the most effective pain management strategies. Our physical therapists are movement experts who can diagnose and treat the underlying causes of the majority of chronic pain conditions. We will conduct comprehensive assessments at Grasmere Physical Therapy to identify all of the factors influencing your pain. We will address the physical, mental/emotional, and social aspects of your condition.

Our therapists can assist you by assessing your posture and identifying vulnerable body regions and restricted range of motion that may be affecting your pain and overall functioning. These tests enable our physical therapists to determine the source of your chronic pain and, more importantly, how to help you resolve it!

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Physical therapy is one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain and restoring function, allowing you to reclaim control of your life. The bottom line is that you have a real chance of getting the results you desire. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain! If you are ready to get your life back on track and stop living with chronic pain, make an appointment with Grasmere Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY. We can assist you in overcoming chronic pain and returning to a more comfortable lifestyle.

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