How is physical therapy different for older people?

How is physical therapy different for older people?

At Grasmere Physical Therapy, we understand that as we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to certain health risks. Degeneration of our bodies is a normal, natural process that we will all go through. There is no way to avoid all of the changes that come with aging, but staying active and taking care of your health are the most effective ways to reduce or delay the risk of aging-related health conditions.

Age-related changes in strength, joint mobility, tissue flexibility, coordination, and reaction time, for example, will affect our balance and increase our risk of falling. We will investigate your medical history, determine what factors may be contributing to your fall risk, and work with you to restore your function and reduce your risks at our Staten Island, NY clinic.

Aging also has an impact on healing times and your body’s ability to tolerate changes in activity levels. Maintaining your health and function requires you to stay active.

Our team at Grasmere Physical Therapy can assist you if you are looking for physical therapists who understand how to navigate the effects of aging.

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